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Age of Bronze Volume 1: A Thousand Ships Cover
This book is available for order at these links:
for 14.25 euros
for $28.45 Canadian

96 black and white and color pages with full color cover
contains Age of Bronze Special #1
Age of Bronze: Behind the Scenes
and covers in color of issues 1 -22
from the comic book series
All text in French

ISBN 2-915168-31-8

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by Eric Shanower
published by Akileos

In addition to collecting the material--here translated into French--from Age of Bronze Special #1 and Age of Bronze: Behind the Scenes, Les Coulisses de L'Oeurve includes previously unpublished sketches and the full-color covers from issues #1 through #22 of the US comic book series.

Les coulisses de L'oeurve presents "La maison de l'horreur" which tells the dark and twisted story of Agamemnon's forefathers, the House of Atreus. In this story, Eric Shanower combines the various Greek legends with the findings of archaeology to present a new retelling of the background of the Trojan War, built on the foundations of the past, but uniquely envisioned for today's readers by a modern cartoonist.

Following "La maison de l'horreur," a wealth of sketches depicts the main characters of L'Age de Bronze (Age of Bronze), their costumes, and the settings of the story of the Trojan War. The process of one page of Age of Bronze from script (in English) to artwork is fully illustrated. And for those who don't have the US comic book serialization, this is the only volume to reprint the covers of the comic books. These full-color covers are printed here larger than the comic book versions and eliminate logos and bar codes that obscured the artwork.

This French version published by Akileos is the only way to find much of this material currently in print. Age of Bronze Special #1 and half a dozen of the comic book covers are out of print, and several pages of sketches are unpublished elsewhere.

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