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"Shanower draws on intensive archaeological research and his own uncanny psychological insight to depict an ancient world that is wholly, tragically human."
--John Hodgman, New York Times Book Review

"Before there were superheroes, there were epic heroes. And writer-artist Eric Shanower continues his homage to the classics with a lucid, meticulously researched retelling of the sexual, familial, and divine entanglement that is the Trojan War. . . . As erudite as it is entertaining, Shanower's Herculean task is executed with the grace of the gods."
--Entertainment Weekly

"A beautifully rendered complex story drawn in a superb, delicate style with good characterization and fast-moving action . . ."
--Andrew Grossberg, Tripwire

"Shanower's sureness of the tiniest details feeds Age of Bronze's barreling momentum. His Trojan War is a conflict of people more than of nations, and the cast is dizzyingly huge, but he juggles them deftly, selecting images that say what words can't."
--Douglas Wolk, The Washington Post

"Starred review. . . . a stunning addition to the literature of the Trojan War."
--Publisher's Weekly

"This work demands close engagement and thoughtful response: it makes the Trojan War both unbelievably distant in a vivid historical past, and compellingly present in our own age."
--Patricia D. Lothrop, School Library Journal

"The author-cum-artist has researched quite well the wide range of literature, art, and archaeology. . . . The clothing, hairstyles, pottery, frescoes, architecture, boat construction, and the settings in general are in such close agreement with current research that it makes one reflect how differently modern scholars envision the Late Bronze Age Achaeans than did past Homeric specialists. . . . Aegean prehistorians will appreciate how much archaeology has advanced our knowledge of the Mycenaean world to allow Shanower to reproduce it so faithfully."
--Thomas F. Strasser, American Journal of Archaeology

"AGE OF BRONZE is the most exciting, engaging, and entertaining work of historical fiction ever done in comics. Eric Shanower's portrayal of ancient cultures and religions is an ingenious dissection of truth, myth, and magic. He is a true master of the comics form."
--Ed Brubaker, cartoonist of Lowlife, Captain America, Daredevil, Cr1minal, etc.

"A triumphant accomplishment! If you love Greek myth, heroic adventure, or masterful comicbook storytelling, read this book!"
--Will Shetterly, author of Chimera, Dogland, Nevernever, etc.

"AGE OF BRONZE compellingly and imaginatively combines the art and imagery of the ancient world of east Mediterranean civilizations with the myth of Homer's Troy. The result inspires young and old alike to explore further the Golden Age of heroic exploits and achievements."
--Louise A. Hitchcock, Ph.D., Research Associate, The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA

"History never read so good."
--Entertainment Weekly

". . . the story also has many amazing scenes for an artist . . . and Shanower makes the most of them."
--Publishers Weekly

"Under Shanower's hand, the characters have come to life, with expressive faces, body language and a level of detail that move the story as effectively as the words. . . . It is an extraordinary project, and readers will be well pleased with its complexity and artistry."
--Marlene Y. Satter, Foreword Magazine

"Shanower's craft and attention to detail is peerless."
--Peter David, Comics Buyer's Guide

"Shanower's art and writing are superb."
--Creeping Reviews

"This is a stunner."
--Steve's Reads

"Shanower's beautifully expressive art captures expressions and moods with masterful facility."
--Andrew Smith, Comics, etc.

"Already nominated for several Eisner Awards, (an Oscar in the comics' world), Shanower's combination of myth and black-and-white artwork is a triumphant storytelling achievement."
--Today's Librarian

"Besides being beautifully drawn and intelligently, even intellectually, composed, it is archaeologically accurate--by those qualities it's better than any film I've ever seen on Bronze Age Greece, including the popular Clash of the Titans. I have already spent hours pondering some of Shanower's more interesting archaeological choices, and I am eager to be challenged by those yet to come."
--John G. Younger, Archaeology

". . . a feast for those new to Homeric tradition and modern archaeology as well as those who simply love mythology. The story begins with Paris' reconnection with his royal family and the subsequent kidnapping of Helen, with nuances of the legend roving through the viewpoints of various characters, including Paris and a youthful Achilles. Shading, texture, and Shanower's use of a single image across several panels give depth to the black-and-white cartoon artwork that carries the story."

"To Shanower's credit, possibly the best aspect of work is its subtlety. The book is rich and touches on so many aspects of classical studies that it really allows for a very complete experience. . . . Sacrifice does a terrific job with the Trojan War material. . . . This work should surely not be missed."
--Sean O'Hagen, The Classical Outlook

"Shanower may not create the poetry of The Iliad but he tells a story in a straightforward, clean manner that will keep you reading through one sitting."
--Andrew D. Arnold,

". . . brings the Trojan War to life."
--Alan Caruba, Bookviews

"Shanower has taken the classic epics plus his extensive research into prehistoric Greece and Troy and synthesized a masterpiece out of them. Gone are the larger than life, impossibly distant heroes and heroines. Gone are the vague place settings. In the pages of the Age of Bronze trade, readers will find very human characters with motives we fully understand . . ."
--Katherine Keller, Sequential Tart

"[Shanower] has put his own stamp on one of the most enduring tales in the history of literature. . . . readers are likely to find this telling of the story charming, if idiosyncratic."
--Karl M. Petruso, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

"What sets apart Shanower's graphic novel is the attention to historical detail, a superb talent as an artist, and a powerful flair for storytelling. A Thousand Ships is a gripping presentation perfectly suited to a modern readership and brings this age-old tale to a whole new generation of readers."
--Midwest Book Review

". . . an excellent narrative that draws the reader into the story."
--Brent Frankenhoff, Comics Buyer's Guide

"Well worth your time."
-- The X-Axis Reviews

"The style is classic, portraying subjects in crisp outline and amply displaying the artist's mastery of contrast, texture, and action . . ."
-- The Bloomsbury Review

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