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AGE OF BRONZE, the continuing graphic novel series by Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Eric Shanower, presents the complete story of the world-famous War at Troy, freshly retold for the 21st century. All the drama of the ancient and thrilling tradition unfolds before your eyes, with all the familiar people and events of the Trojan War.

Age of Bronze Character Sketches

Age of Bronze is first serialized in individual issues of the comic book series. The story is then collected into volumes as graphic novels. The first several of seven projected volumes are available now. Volume one is titled A THOUSAND SHIPS. Volume two is titled SACRIFICE. Volume three is titled BETRAYAL, and the first two parts of BETRAYAL are available as BETRAYAL PART ONE and BETRAYAL PART TWO.

Shanower draws from life

Click here for the first issue of Age of Bronze "Seen," the enhanced digital edition of Age of Bronze, the app for iPad available in the iTunes store, only 99 cents. Enhancements include a Reader's Guide for each page, full color art, and a discussion forum. Further issues released monthly.

Click here to read the complete first comic book issue of Age of Bronze, the Story of the Trojan War, online at the website of the publisher, Image Comics. These are the first 20 pages of A THOUSAND SHIPS (Age of Bronze, vol. 1).

Click here to read a 22-page high resolution excerpt from SACRIFICE (Age of Bronze, vol. 2). This is a large PDF file viewable with Adobe Acrobat.

Primary sources for Age of Bronze's version of the Trojan War story begin with Homer's Iliad,include major and minor works from classical Greece and Rome, many Medieval European sources, and continue through Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida and beyond. The art of Age of Bronze draws upon the archaeological excavations of the places where the story took place: Mycenae, Knossos, and Pylos, among others, and especially Troy itself.

While everything in Age of Bronze is based on existing sources, whether mythological or archaeological, the final product is a version for the 21st century. All the comedy, all the tragedy, all the wide canvas of human drama of the Trojan War unfolds within the pages of Age of Bronze. Come along for the ride!

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Behold! The Walls of Windy Ilios: A Cartoonist's Adventures in Troy
Eric Shanower's photo-illustrated report on a visit to Troy
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

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Eric Shanower - Best Writer / Artist 2001 Eisner Awards!

Winner of the 2003 Will Eisner Comics Industry Award
Best Writer/Artist

2001 Lighthouse Awards

For more work by Eric Shanower, visit our other websites:
Hungry Tiger and Eric


Eric Shanower's Age of Bronze. Color by John Dallaire


8 July 2015 - San Diego Comic Con starts today and I'll be at Artist Alley booth BB-01. Come say hi. I'll be drawing sketches and signing my books and comics. Also, Gabriel Rodriguez, artist of Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland, and I will have signings on Thursday and Friday at the IDW booth.

22 April 2014 - WonderCon took place in Anaheim, California, last weekend. I appeared on the IDW panel, along with cartoonist Gabriel Rodriguez, to promote our forthcoming comic book series Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland. You can read about it by clicking here. Issue #1 will be out in August.

7 April 2014 - The San Diego Opera is in upheaval over their announced permanent closure at the end of this season. Massenet's Don Quixote may be their final production. I sketched at the dress rehearsal last week and the result is on the San Diego Opera blog Aria Serious. After four seasons of sketching at the San Diego Opera, I'll be sad for it to end. The controversy over this development has gotten pretty ugly. What the outcome will be, who knows? Meanwhile, you can see my Don Quixote sketches by clicking here.

23 March 2014 - Did you ever want to sing and dance in the Land of Oz? Here's your chance! Follow this link to the Audition Notice and Open Dance Call for The Tik-Tok Man of Oz.

23 March 2014 - The Tik-Tok Man of Oz Kickstarter campaign is going really well. We've met our initial goal and are working on meeting several stretch goals. Thank you to all our backers! We've had some very generous pledges, but I'd like to get a lot of smaller pledges from a wide circle of supporters. Click here to see the campaign.

15 March 2014 - Oz Tarot cards? That's right. If the Kickstarter campaign for The Shadow of Oz Tarot Deck funds successfully, I'll be drawing a few of the cards. There's only a few hours left to go, so if you'll be kind enough to make a pledge, click here to go to the campaign.

15 March 2014 - I'll be producing L. Frank Baum's stage musical The Tik-Tok Man of Oz in August at Winkie Con 50. A Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to mount a fully-staged performance is happening right now. Click here to pledge and become part of this vintage theatre project. You can even watch my starring role in the Kickstarter video--but don't worry, I won't be reprising that on stage!

8 March 2014 - I sketched at San Diego Opera again last week. A Masked Ball by Verdi this time. I was pleasantly surprised to see Stephanie Blythe playing Madame Arvidson. See the results of my outing here.

8 March 2014 - School Library Journal has posted this video interview with me about my work--Age of Bronze, Oz, and more. Click here to watch.

4 March 2014 - The graphic novel collection of The Emerald City of Oz, the comics adaptation of L. Frank Baum's children's book, written by me with art by Skottie Young, goes on sale Wednesday, March 5. Look for it!

4 March 2014 - Sarah Obee of The Trojan War Project reviews Age of Bronze: Sacrifice. Read her review here.

2 March 2014 - Wayne Hall of Wayne's Comics conducts an interview with me about Age of Bronze and Oz. Listen to the podcast here.

28 Feb 2014 - San Diego Opera again invited me to sketch, this time at their production of The Elixir of Love by Donizetti. See the results here.

24 January 2014 - It's opera season again. Click here to see my sketches of San Diego Opera's current production of Pagliacci.

8 October 2013 - At last, the newest Age of Bronze book is out! Betrayal Part Two is on sale in both hardcover and paperback. The battle between Trojans and Achaeans begins in earnest, while the romance between Troilus and Cressida hits some walls.


14 July 2013 - Henry Herz, co-author of the children's book Nimpentoad, interviewed me recently. You can read that here and here.

2 July 2013 - Age of Bronze #33 goes on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, July 3.

22 May 2013 - Alan Moore World blog has posted a Promethea and Little Margie drawing I did for the book Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman.

21 May 2013 - Listen to me talk with Jason about my career and spin some songs right here on Karl Show! (starring Jason).

19 April 2013 - I saw the dress rehearsal of San Diego Opera's production of Verdi's Aida on Wednesday evening. Terrific show with Latonia Moore in the title role. My sketches are here.

17 April 2013 - The 2013 Eisner Award nominations were just announced and there are three nominations for works I contributed to: The Road to Oz by Skottie Young, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, and me was nominated in two categories, Best Publication for Kids and Best Adaptation from Another Medium. And No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, edited by Justin Hall, and which I have a story in, was nominated for Best Anthology. Congrats to all the other nominees! Here's the complete list.

1 April 2013 - I've been sketching at San Diego Opera again. See the results of Murder in the Cathedral here.

8 Mar 2013 - The Wall Street Journal loves the Oz graphic novels Skottie Young and I are doing. Read the article here.

15 Feb 2013 - Last evening was opening night for a new production of Euripides's Iphigenia in Aulis at La Mama in New York City. Much of the visual imagery of the show is based on Age of Bronze. The director/translator of the show, Edward Einhorn, consulted with me during the design period so that his designers could get it right. The production runs through March 3. If you want to see it, I'd buy tickets here now if I were you.

15 Feb 2013 - You can see my sketches from San Diego Opera's current production of Saint-Saenz's Samson and Delilah here on their blog. I spent last Wednesday evening at the dress rehearsal doing these. I love this opera and San Diego does it right.

26 Jan 2013 - I spent Wednesday sketching at the dress rehearsal of San Diego Opera's production of Donizetti's Daughter of the Regiment. The production is set near the end of World War II, and the visual aspect was gorgeous. The singing was enjoyable and the show was funny. Here are my sketches on San Diego Opera's blog Aria Serious?

11 Jan 2013 - A production of Euripides's Iphigenia in Aulis in a new English translation by Edward Einhorn will run at La Mama's First Floor Theater in New York City from February 14 to March 3, 2013. The visual imagery of the production is based on Age of Bronze. Although I'm not directly involved, I've been working with the director for some time now and am interested to see the final production by Untitled Theater Company #61. Click here to see the image I drew for the poster and for all the details.

10 Jan 2013 - Marvel Comics's The Road to Oz #5, adapted by me from L. Frank Baum's book and with art by Skottie Young, went on sale last week.

26 Dec 2012 - James Fulton of Indie Pulse's Comics Nexus gives Age of Bronze #32 a "Best Comics of the Week" review here.

12 December 2012 - Greg McElhatton reviews Age of Bronze #32 here on Comic Book Resources. He's got some really nice things to say. I thought I might take a drubbing for the two-year gap between issues. But Greg's more than nice about that. (I still might take a drubbing from other sources.)

10 December 2012 - Age of Bronze #32 goes on sale Wednesday, December 12. The long wait for this issue is finally over. Yay! Click here for a three-page preview. Subscription copies will all have been mailed by Tuesday, December 11.

8 November 2012 - Click this link to read--in Dutch--a blog article about Age of Bronze. Even if you don't read Dutch, you might want to check out the two preview pages from the upcoming Age of Bronze issue #32.

8 November 2012 - The Road to Oz issue #3 with script by me and art by Skottie Young, adapted from the L. Frank Baum book, went on sale yesterday.

31 October 2012 - I've been a little behind in posting news, so I've got some catching up to do. The hardcover collected edition of Marvel Comics's Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz adapted by me and Skottie Young from L. Frank Baum's children's book was released last month, along with the first issue of the new Oz series The Road to Oz with the same creative team. The second issue of Road is also out and the third will be on sale imminently. I'm proud to have a story reprinted in No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics edited by Justin Hall and published by Fantagraphics. My story is "Happily Ever After," which originally appeared in How Beautiful the Ordinary. And issue #76 of Bart Simpson Comics has a four-page story drawn by me to a script by Evan Dorkin. In it Bart and Milhouse re-play the Ikarus myth, so I got to filter the Simpsons through my Age of Bronze sensibilities.

7 July 2012 - The Capeless Crusader reviews Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz #8, published by Marvel Comics, with script by me and art by Skottie Young, here.

2 July 2012 - Marvel Comics's Ozma of Oz, with script by me, art by Skottie Young, and color by Jean-Francois Beaulieu, has been nominated for two Harvey Awards--Best New Series and Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers. If you're eligible to vote, please consider Ozma of Oz in these categories.

13 June 2012 - On Friday, June 15, I'll be interviewed by Jason Lamb on the internet radio program Karl Show, broadcast on Portland Radio Authority, from 8 to 10 PM PST. You can listen here at It'll be two hours of discussion about my work and life, as well as some of my favorite music. If you missed the interview, it'll be eventually posted here.

27 April 2012 - My sketches of San Diego Opera's current production of The Barber of Seville are here on Aria Serious, the opera's blog.

11 April 2012 - My Oz graphic novel The Forgotten Forest of Oz has been released today in an oversize Treasury Edition by IDW. In addition to all the artwork being printed at a large size, there are more than 16 pages of bonus material, including character designs (some previously unpublished); color versions of the original endpapers; the script and artwork for "The Story of Nebelle," the earliest version of the story; and the script and rough artwork for the original, different ending of The Forgotten Forest of Oz which has never before been printed in its entirety. And it's all under a brand new cover. Here's an online preview. Hungry Tiger Press is offering a free limited edition Forgotten Forest of Oz bookplate featuring new artwork by me with the first hundred copies ordered--click here to order.

10 March 2012 - This month San Diego Opera presents Don Pasquale by Donizetti, this production set in the 19th century US southwest. Click here to see my sketches. The show opens tonight.

17 Feb 2012 - Click here to see what I drew the other night at the dress rehearsal of San Diego Opera's magnificent production of the new opera Moby-Dick, based on Herman Melville's American classic. Opening night is Saturday, Feb. 18.

15 Feb 2012 - Yale Daily News discusses the digital publication of Age of Bronze "Seen" here.

4 Feb 2012 - I talk about W. W. Denslow, original illustrator and co-creator of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, on The Origins of Oz cablecast, The Smithsonian Channel. The American edit of this show, first shown on the BBC as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The True Story, is now available on this side of the pond. The following broadcasts have been scheduled (all times listed are PST): February 6, 3:00 p.m., February 7, 12:00 midnight, and February 10, 5:00 a.m. For more information, and to watch a preview video, see the show's website here.

4 Feb 2012 - The San Diego Public Library's 46th annual Local Authors Exhibit is open at the downtown San Diego Central Library through the month of February. I'm represented with the graphic novel Ozma of Oz, adapted from L. Frank Baum's book, with art by Skottie Young, published by Marvel Comics. The San Diego Central Library is located at 820 E. Street, San Diego, CA 92101-6416.

28 Jan 2012 - Click here to see my sketches of San Diego Opera's current production of Salome by Richard Strauss.

25 Jan 2012 - Issue #3 of Age of Bronze "Seen" for iPad is now available. If you have the app already installed, download from there. Otherwise, click here for the link.

25 Jan 2012 - Absolute Promethea Volume Three, the final collection of Alan Moore and J. H. Williams's excellent comics series, was published recently by DC/Vertigo Comics. This beautiful book includes my introduction and the two Promethea spin-off "Little Margie" stories I drew.

11 Nov 2011 - This link is pretty much just what it says it is: "Forty Pages of Eric Shanower's Age of Bronze in Color." Just the color. (Warning: Heavy load time--at least on my computer.)

3 Nov 2011 - sings the praises of John Dalliare, the colorist of Age of Bronze "Seen."

14 Oct 2011 - Age of Bronze "Seen," the enhanced digital edition of Age of Bronze, is available today as an app for iPad in the iTunes store for just 99 cents for the first issue. Click here. Enhancements include a Reader's Guide, full color art, and a discussion forum. Further issues released monthly.

7 Oct 2011 - Age of Bronze goes digital! Starting October 14, Age of Bronze "Seen" will be released for iPad. Issue #1 will cost just 99 cents, and issues will be released monthly. Age of Bronze "Seen" will have all the enhanced features you could ask for--full color, a Readers Guide discussing the story sources and period detail, maps, a character guide, links, and a forum for readers to discuss their thoughts and reactions. Here's an interview with Yale classics scholar Tom Beasley, the author of the Readers Guide for Age of Bronze "Seen." If you're on Facebook, check out the official Age of Bronze Facebook page for a preview and like the page while you're there. And don't worry, print readers, the comic book serialization and the graphic novels aren't going away. Digital Age of Bronze is simply yet another way to make my version of the Trojan War available to readers everywhere.

30 Sept 2011 - Ozma of Oz adapted by Skottie Young and me from L. Frank Baum's book and published by Marvel Comics just debuted at #4 on the New York Times graphic novel best seller list! Check it out here.

22 Sept 2011 - It's taken me awhile to get around to posting this, but here, at last, is the link to the video of a presentation I gave on Age of Bronze at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens last fall. Thanks again to Jack Davis and Shari Stocker for inviting me. Also on the program were the creators of the award-winning Logicomix, Apostolos Doxiades and Alekos Papadatos.

15 Sept 2011 - Little Adventures in Oz, written and illustrated by me, and published by IDW, is being released in digital editions. The first volume is available now. Just click here to go to the Apple iBooks store.

15 Sept 2011 - Marvel Comics's graphic novel of Ozma of Oz by Skottie Young and me, from the book by L. Frank Baum, was published last week and is on sale now. The hardcover collection includes the entire story, plus all the covers and some sketches. If you buy your copy from Hungry Tiger Press here, you can request my signature in your copy.

21 April 2011 - A digital edition of Age of Bronze began publication today in the Spanish version from Azake Ediciones. La Edad de Bronce is available for download at the Koomic website. Click here. The first ten pages are also available as a free sample.

19 April 2011 - Here's a short blog by VoVat about my character Flicker, who appears in several of my Oz projects.

17 Jan 2011 - Classics and Comics is a new book about the use of mythology in modern comics. It's edited by George Kovacs and C.W. Marshall, published by Oxford University Press, and includes a 12-page story by me about the creation and reception of Age of Bronze. It has a lot more, too--essays about Wonder Woman and Sandman, essays about mythology in the work of Jack Kirby and the work of Frank Miller, and an essay--not by me!--about sex and love in Age of Bronze. You can buy it through any standard bookseller, whether online or off. Or through this handy link directly to Oxford University Press.

4 Jan 2011 - Here's an interview with me on David-Wasting-Paper. It tends toward practical artistic matters. If you're reading this after January 4th, you'll have to scroll down.

4 Jan 2011 - Here's a positive review of Age of Bronze #31 at Comics Bulletin.

20 Nov 2010 _ Click here for a 5-page pdf sample from Age of Bronze #31. On sale toward the end of next month.

2 Nov 2010 - Here's another French review of L'age de Bronze: Trahison Deuxieme Partie (Age of Bronze: Betrayal Part Two), this one from

29 Oct 2010 - Click here for an interview with me about L'age de Bronze: Trahison Deuxieme Partie (Age of Bronze: Betrayal Part Two). It's in the online version of the French newspaper Sud Ouest so the text is in French.

27 Oct 2010 - Click here to read a rave review of L'age de Bronze: Trahison Deuxieme Partie (Age of Bronze: Betrayal Part Two) from The review's in French.

25 Oct 2010 - Trahison Deuxieme Partie (Betrayal Part Two) is out in France, collecting issues #26-#31 of Age of Bronze in French translation. You can see a preview from DigiBiDi just below, or for a larger version that you can actually read, go to the DigiBiDi site and click the orange box that says "Lire les 11 pages."

21 Oct 2010 - I did several interviews during my recent visit to Athens, Greece. Two made the front pages of major Greek newspapers. One, for the internet site, you can read here--scroll down a little for the English if you don't read Greek. Also, click here for an English-language article (which gets my age wrong) on the lecture I gave at the American School for Classical Studies at Athens. Fellow speakers were Apostolos Doxiadis and Alecos Papadatos, creators of the graphic novel Logicomix, which you can learn a bit about here.

21 Oct 2010 - Here's a Spanish-language interview I did about Oz comics. Scroll down a little till you see the Wizard of Oz cover.

18 Sept 2010 - The hardcover graphic novel collection of Marvel Comics' The Marvelous Land of Oz with script by me and art by Skottie Young is now on sale. And so is the paperback edition of our adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

13 August 2010 - Tiger and Brick interview Skottie Young and me about our Oz comics for Marvel. Click here.

27 July 2010 - Age of Bronze-related debuts at San Diego Comic Con International were the Image Comics 2010 San Diego Comic-Coin Yearbook, in which I drew a pin-up of Kassandra lamenting burning Troy, and The Myth of Aeacus by Charles "zan" Christensen, a retelling of the story of Achilles's grandfather with illustrations by me. The Image Comics Yearbook was exclusive to the convention, so if you want a copy of that you'll have to find it on the secondary market. Zan will be selling The Myth of Aeacus at various other events. I'll try to keep you updated on that one.

23 July 2010 - Tonight Skottie Young and I won 2010 Eisner Awards for Marvel Comics' The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in BOTH categories it was nominated in--Best Publication for Kids and, quite unexpectedly, Best Limited Series! Big thank you to everyone who supported the project!

1 July 2010 - Both volumes of my Little Adventures in Oz from IDW as well as Skottie Young's and my graphic novel adaptation of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz from Marvel Comics made the Core List of Good Comics for Kids presented at the American Library Association conference last week. Lots of other great kids' comics made the list, too. Click here to see the full list.

28 June 2010 - New Free Feature: Age of Bronze Desktop Wallpaper. It's Herakles from the cover of the third issue of Age of Bronze--and he's coming for you! Click here or on the Free Features menu link at left.

Age of Bronze #3 Wallpaper

28 June 2010 - Comics Bulletin reviews Age of Bronze #30. Click here to read Penny Kenny's words of wisdom.

27 June 2010 - New Free Feature: The Siege of Troy by John O'Keeffe. Click here for the full script of this "Grand Heroic, Serio-Comic, Tragic Spectacle" originally published in 1795. Or click on the Free Features menu link at left for a complete list of free features.

16 June 2010 - New issues on sale today! Age of Bronze #30. The Marvelous Land of Oz #7. Little Adventures in Oz Volume 2, reprinting "The Forgotten Forest of Oz," "The Secret Island of Oz," and "The Blue Witch of Oz." All subscription copies of Age of Bronze #30 have already been mailed.

12 June 2010 - For a five-page preview of Age of Bronze #30, click here. The issue goes on sale next Wednesday, June 16.

9 June 2010 - Last week I was a guest on Comic Book Club, the live on stage comedy comic book review show in New York City. You can listen to the podcast of the show here.

23 May 2010 - The newest free feature on the Age of Bronze website is Penthesilea, the 1905 Trojan War poem by Laurence Binyon.

12 Jan 2010 - Marvel's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is in its sixteenth week on the New York Times Graphic Books bestseller list!

21 April 2009 - For a Spanish interview with me by Eduardo Seradilla about Age of Bronze, Oz, and other stuff, click here. You may need to scroll down.

7 April 2009 - Here's Tom Spurgeon's review of Age of Bronze #28 at The Comics Reporter.

21 March 2009 - Lots of stuff to post today:

"Age of Bronze: Some Thoughts and Sketches" is a ten-page article of mine published in Yikas: A Journal of Art, vol. 1, issue 1. The text is similar to the "Afterword" of A Thousand Ships and the text of Age of Bronze: Behind the Scenes, but many of my accompanying sketches are newly published, including character designs for Helen and Patroklus, costume design for Deidamia, sketches for the armor of Achilles and three other major characters, and step-by-step art construction for a page in Age of Bronze #27. A copy of Yikas is $7.98, available by Phone, email, or in person from:
Book Loft
Kathy Mullins
1680 Mission Dr
Solvang, CA 93463
Telephone: 805-688-6010
Fax: 805-688-9930

And speaking of Age of Bronze: Behind the Scenes, it's out of print and no longer available through this website. The expanded French version L'age de Bronze: les Coulisses de L'oeurve is still available, however. Click here for ordering info.

At the end of February I was a guest on Fanboy Planet. Click here and scroll down to Podcast #130 to listen.

24 October 2008 - Listen here to the October 14 performance of Comic Book Club Live at People's Improv Theater in New York City. I was a guest along with Jacob Chabot.

20 August 2008 - Click here to listen to "The Future of the Comic Pamphlet," a recording by Jamie Coville of a panel I participated in last month at San Diego's Comic Con International. At this point I don't remember exactly what I said. Hope it wasn't too embarrassing.

31 May 2008 - Click here for a lovely review of Age of Bronze by John Hodgman in The New York Times Book Review. It starts about halfway down the page.

Nov 2007 - AT LAST! Betrayal, the third Age of Bronze book, published by Image Comics, is NOW AVAILABLE. Both a $27.99 hardcover [ISBN 978-1-58240-845-3] and a $17.99 paperback [ISBN 978-1-58240-755-5] edition are waiting to be read by you. It's available here now through this website and arrives in comic book stores November 28. Betrayal collects issues #20-#26 of the comic book serialization. Here's the cover:




Wow! Celebrated author Ursula LeGuin likes Age of Bronze! You want proof? Click here and scroll to the bottom.

"History never read so good."
--Entertainment Weekly

"Besides being beautifully drawn and intelligently, even intellectually, composed, it is archaeologically accurate--by those qualities it's better than any film I've ever seen on Bronze Age Greece. . . ."
-- Archaeology

". . . the story also has many amazing scenes for an artist . . . and Shanower makes the most of them."
--Publishers Weekly

". . . a feast for those new to Homeric tradition and modern archaeology as well as those who simply love mythology. . . . Shading, texture, and Shanower's use of a single image across several panels give depth to the black-and-white cartoon artwork that carries the story."

"Shanower may not create the poetry of The Iliad but he tells a story in a straightforward, clean manner that will keep you reading through one sitting."
--Andrew D. Arnold,


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